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Thread: Top 10 NFL Smurfs

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    Top 10 NFL Smurfs

    #9 Leon Washington, Jets RB/KR

    Unlike Sproles, Washington emerged immediately as more than just a special teams force. His 5-foot-8 frame and quickness helped earn him 151 carries and 25 catches as a rookie in '06. Since his debut, he has played a strong No. 2 role behind Jets starter Thomas Jones while also starring on special teams, including an NFL-high three kick-return scores in 2007 and a Pro Bowl berth last season.

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    #8 Brainy Smurf:

    Brainy Smurf fancies himself as the all-around-brain of the village. Although he acts as though he is second-in-command behind Papa Smurf, this isn't the case and even Papa Smurf doesn't seem very fond of his sanctimonious attitude. In fact he could be considered as the class swot or know-it-all. He is a smurf that can be distinguished from the others because he wears thick glasses as he is extremely short-sighted. In fact, in the original Belgian version, he is called "Smurf with Glasses" (and, occasionally, "Lecturing Smurf").

    Brainy Smurf is an avid reader and keeps a lot of books in his house (mostly his quotations). Fancying himself as being very close to Papa Smurf, he is quite arrogant and often lectures smurfs who don't behave and threatens to tattle on them to Papa Smurf. Loquacious, he often uses big words that he himself either made up or doesn't know what they really mean. A lot of the other smurfs dislike him (only Clumsy Smurf seems eager to go along, due to a general lack of a mind of his own), and when he enters into a long bout of lecturing, some frustrated smurf often angrily smashes him on the head with a big wooden mallet. Frequently, in the cartoon, after his blathering or posturing have gone too far, he is thrown a long distance (typically by Hefty Smurf) and always lands square on his head, usually outside of the village.

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    Brainy Smurf is just trying too hard.

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    Bob Sanders is an animal.


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