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Thread: Sanchez & Cotchery Q&A upon arriving at camp today

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    Sanchez & Cotchery Q&A upon arriving at camp today

    New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, 7.30

    On arriving for training camp…

    I’m really excited. This is a great day. We had a great trip up. All the rookies and I were on the bus and I slept the whole way. I saw a little bit of the countryside up here. It’s going to be fun. This is all I’ve ever dreamed of doing and now I’m going to get a chance to do it. I’ll be sure to get my rest, follow the veterans around and kind of understand what camp is all about and really get a feel for things. This is where the season starts so it’s time to get focused and real serious.

    On having training camp at SUNY Cortland…

    It’s a beautiful area and something I’ve never experienced before, being from Southern California. This is very nice. It’s a beautiful college. I’m sure the fields are going to be great. The training room is all set up. Everything is ready. They (SUNY Cortland) did a good job welcoming us.

    On the competition with QB Kellen Clemens…

    It’s known. We’re friendly about it. He’s a great guy. He’s awesome and he doesn’t have to be that way. I’m sure there are plenty of veterans who aren’t like that. He’ll go out of his way and talk to me about a read or individual play I was in on. We talk and it’s great. You learn a lot from a guy that’s been around for four years. There is a lot of experience there. That’s important to me to respect him and then obviously compete. That’s a form of respect knowing that I have to compete with a great quarterback. It’s all been fun and now it’s time to get serious and play.

    On preparing physically and mentally for training camp…

    Physically I was getting ready for the conditioning test which I knocked out a couple of days ago. Mentally, I was just staying sharp with our playbook, throwing with guys back home and getting ready to play. It’s been great these last couple of days. We’ve had those rookie practices, four of them, so it’s got us in shape and gotten the soreness out. We’re ready to play.

    New York Jets WR Jerricho Cotchery, 7.30

    On having a team identity …

    We really haven’t been known for just one particular thing since I’ve been here. This year we’re heading into camp preparing to establish our brand. It’s going to be a physical brand of football, so we’re going to beat each other up each and every day. When it’s time to get ready to play other teams, we can release some of that frustration (from training camp) out on others.

    On if training camp will be taxing …

    I expect it to be fun, but with the emotions and with everything that happened last year, everyone’s mind is set on making it happen this year. I don’t know if there will be too many fights, but there are going to be some very competitive days.

    On being in Cortland …

    I like it. I love the idea of bonding with your teammates. You get out of your comfort zone and you have to lean on your teammates in this type of situation. I think it’s going to help us get better.

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    Well im pumped.. can't wait for the 1st pereseason game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydro22 View Post
    Well im pumped.. can't wait for the 1st pereseason game.
    Me too! Can't wait to see Sanchez play. Hopefully we got something special with him, I think we deserve it. This team has had such bad luck for such a long time, its about time we strike gold dammit!

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    It's obviously disappointing for fans that TC went upstate to Cortland...but I think this is a very good idea for forging a true team identity. From a we're all in this foxhole together...will emerge the team will the Rex one.

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    Thanks sooth!!!! Lets Roll!!!!!!!!!!!


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