Say what you want about Favre (we all did) but he made our offense move even against stout defenses and was as clutch a QB against the blitz as there was in the league for the first 11 games. Now we're missing our starting WR and are trying to break a rookie QB into the system and the result was, when Sanchez was confronted with the #2 defense in the NFL he was rattled. He threw to the checkdown man when he wasn't there and gave up a pick six to a NT who was standing right in front of him. Clemens did the same thing against the Ravens' backups and even though both QBs rebounded nicely the match ups they got on those TD passes weren't a credit to their efficiency.

David Clowney beat Frank Walker, a corner who was responsible for most of the passes our QBs got tonight and Leon Washington beat a linebacker on a wheel route. Both throws were well made but these weren't anything close to the laser passes Favre through last year. Favre could rifle a bullet pass into triple coverage in the back of the end zone like he did at Tennessee, hit Keller in stride on a vertical pattern, and quickly get rid of the ball to his man when he felt the rush. In fairness he's a future Hall of Famer who holds just about every passing record in the history books but I still didn't think our team would march out and completely sh*t the bed in the 1st Quarter that bad.

Some observations from tonight:


-If we lead the AFC in rushing don't be surprised, the Ravens couldn't stop TJ or Leon and this was without our best run blocker in the game

-Our first team defense only gave up 7 points, and the only weak links on defense were Pouha (who won't start) and Lowery (nickel corner pushed into a starting role). Our second team defense only gave up 3 points.

-Our depth on the OL and DL isn't half as bad as people are making it out to be. DeVito has completely proven me wrong and looks like a starter, and even though our QBs got knocked around our OL only allowed 1 sack. Pitoitua looked good as well.

-Rex's blitzing schemes looked amazing without our two best defenders in the game, when they're in this defense is going to smother opponents

-All of our RBs looked great, even Woodhead, and Leon was essentially our entire offense in the 1st half, can we please pay this man and stop screwing around? He's never injured and constantly burns defenses when our offense stalls.

-David Harris is going to the Pro-Bowl, bet on that

-Rhodes was much more involved in the game, he's going to be a force in the box

-Howard Green played very well, commanding double teams and notching two sacks


-The WR problem is real. Cotchery had zero catches and Stuckey had one, let's get Marshall in here to roll some coverage off our other guys.

-Those first four games without Pace are going to hurt; why hasn't Rex played Vernon at OLB yet? Sure he sucked in a down stance but that's not the position he's going to start at. Westerman and Murrell hardly saw anytime as Pace's sub either.

-Lowery looks bad in coverage against "Z" receivers but he forced a fumble and was a sure tackler

-Sanchez and Clemens were both mediocre at best, then again most QBs look the same way against these guys (see: Chad Pennington)

-Allison has plenty of athleticism, but he's undisciplined in terms of remembering the fundamentals as was the case on that punt return.

-Gholston had another bad game, worse than last week. He clearly missed tackling a Raven RB in the backfield and allowed positive yardage, and was constantly blocked out of plays. I still think he'll be good in time but imo there isn't enough patience among fans and the media to allow him to be that type of player in NY.

-Both Gholston and Westerman made mistakes that allowed the Ravens to move the chains by overpursuing

-Marquice Cole got burned bad after that INT, can't see how he makes the team with Carrol as our ST gunner and CB

-Brad Smith dropped a big one, there's no way he beats Clowney for that #2 job now


-That call to go for a 2 point conversion looks incredibly stupid in a real game, but this is the Pre-Season and Ryan was trying to give his teams all of the NFL scenarios and looks he could.

-Schotty made some nice calls at times but never got Cotchery or Keller involved in the game at all

-Britt Davis had a couple nice catches and consistently beat his man, but he still has problems hanging onto the ball

-Westerman looked like he knew what he was doing when he was in there but still clearly needs some work

-Leonard had a so-so game, missed a tackle and got in on some others

Overall this was a good measurement of where our team is depth-wise and how our offense would perform against a Super Bowl ready defense. Against these guys your QB has to be able to accurately thread the needle and spread the ball around quickly. Neither of our QBs did that, Sanchez relied on Leon and Clemens really only looked good on that Clowney throw. When we ran the ball, however, our offensive line dominated the Ravens and consistently sprang holes for all of our RBs even when Woody, our best run blocker, wasn't in the game. If our offense plays minimalist football like the Titans did last year and stresses conservative decisions from our QBs we will make the playoffs. Simply put we don't have the WRs to allow Sanchez to attack down field, a problem we'll hopefully fix by trading for Marshall. Our defense came as advertised and when Jenkins and Revis come back it's going to rank among the league's best.