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Thread: Where Sanchez Came From

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    Where Sanchez Came From

    Sorry if this is Random, but a lot has been said about Sanchize's ability to be a media darling, with the GQ shoot and being from the hollywood program he going to NY. But this, in my eyes, is an absolutlely amazing story (even though I have always been a big ND fan). This in my mind really shows a lot about the program he is coming from. And, after this i really don't doubt that he has the character to be super star in this league. Sanchez lead this program for a year and a half,

    Again sorry if this is too out there, but i found amazing enough to wanna post
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    I saw this. It's great.

    Never apologize.

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    You might have also noticed Carson Palmer in the vid around 29 seconds to go.

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    oops. That was a look a like of Palmer. They have quite a few at USC.

    I love the Jets

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    ... SOKS - ROKS!!!!!!!!!!!! ...


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    ^^ thanks man

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    you two gonna get a room?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freestater View Post
    you two gonna get a room?

    ... back in the single days if we could find a couple DD sized bazooka's to join us ... sure !!! ...


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    Awesome video. Bill Withers is the man!

    But, I think the article below is more indicative of where Mark came from...
    Rescuer's smile goes long way
    Nick Sanchez, rescue-team leader for California Task Force 5, center.
    Photo by Bruce Chambers, The Register

    New Orleans Nick Sanchez has a skill that comes in very handy when he's hip-deep in bayou water.

    "Nick could talk his way out of an alligator's mouth," said Steve McHale, a rescuer who works on Sanchez's squad.

    He hasn't had to talk reptilian yet, but he's ready.

    Sanchez, 57, is an upbeat, fast-talking rescue- team leader for California Task Force 5, the 80-member crew currently searching the backwaters of the Louisiana bayou through partially submerged trailer parks and luxury homes for people who survived Hurricane Katrina.

    Several times this week, the rescue team found itself standing at the edge of a neighborhood under 5 feet of water €“ without a boat. This was its strategy: Send out Sanchez, who is a captain at Fire Station 6 in Irvine. He's such an amiable guy, the tactic usually worked.

    "Some people rub people the wrong way; Nick always rubs them the right way," said Rich Khoshaba, an Orange County Fire Authority technical information specialist. "I don't care what type of personality you are. When you meet Nick, in about three minutes, you're his friend."

    Saturday, Sanchez befriended some men from the National Wildlife Refuge.

    "You've got boats," Sanchez said with a smile. "I've got people who need boats. Maybe we can make this work."

    Not only did Sanchez come back with a boat, he came back with several boats and a team of men following him to help in the search.

    People around here have taken to Sanchez despite the visor he wears. This is Louisiana State University territory. And Sanchez is constantly wearing his sweat- stained visor that says "USC." Within minutes, even LSU fans are laughing with Sanchez.

    Sanchez's youngest son, Mark, is a freshman quarterback at USC after a legendary career at Mission High School in Mission Viejo, where the Sanchez family lives. Nick was supposed to leave on a seven-day trip to Hawaii to watch the Trojans open the season, but he decided to come to New Orleans instead.

    By doing so, he broke a promise to his son.

    "I made a promise to Mark that I wouldn't miss one of his games," Sanchez said.
    Mark called him just as Nick was leaving Orange County.

    "You do the best you can, and I'll do the best I can," Mark told him.

    During the downtime on this rescue deployment, Sanchez has done everything he can to keep up with football scores. He's a football junkie. He talks football with everybody in camp. He's made two telephone calls to Mission football coach Bob Johnson to find out how Mark's former team is doing.

    But he doesn't brag about his son, who was the nation's top high school quarterback last year.
    "You would never know his son is the quarterback he is," said Chris Sherwood, a rescue specialist who works with Sanchez in Irvine.

    Saturday night he stayed up late trying to find college football scores on the Internet.
    "Way too late," he said.

    Several of his guys from Irvine are part of Task Force 5 - McHale, Sherwood, Steve Ventura and Tom Arick. Sunday many of them were imitating Sanchez's favorite sayings: "Today's the best day I've ever had," "It doesn't get any better than this," "If it got any better than this, I'd have to give something back."

    They shook their heads and smiled when they heard about Sanchez's secret.
    When Task Force 5 was stuck in Dallas at the Hyatt Regency, FEMA officials forced them to stay for four days. FEMA ordered the rescuers to stay in the hotel and have no contact with the 10,000 evacuees living at the Reunion Arena across the street.

    Sanchez left the hotel four or five times when he had a free hour and started working at the arena.

    He stacked boxes. He bandaged lacerations. He sorted clothes. He distributed food. He has been a firefighter/paramedic for 28 years and he wasn't about to let anyone tell him he couldn't help people.

    He said he simply walked around the arena asking everyone, "What do you need?" Then he would help them get it.

    Sanchez is good at that.

    "In my opinion, it was the right thing to do," Sanchez said.
    When the people in Task Force 5 found out that Sanchez had defied an order, he didn't get in trouble.

    How could anyone punish Nick Sanchez?
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