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Thread: Gameday Tickets

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    Gameday Tickets

    Plan on buying tickets outside the stadium this Sunday for the titans game. I know there is a similar thread started weeks ago but i want to know if anyone has tried purchasing this way recently(yesterday?). If I go out there with my wife, what time should i look to buy and what area is best? How much cash should i bring? will two tickets together come easy? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    There is a guy selling tickets every game for like the last 5 to 10 years right on the ramp(over Rt 3) heading into the stadium lots. I also saw a guy in the same area selling parking passes. Not sure how his prices are but he is always out there.

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    Start hawking in the parking lots, going up and down the rows of tailgate parties. You'll get your tickets at face value from someone with spare tickets at a tailgate party than you will from a scalper yelling 'who needs tickets. I don't know what the face value of the various tickets sections are...sorry. Figure starting at least 1 hr before kickoff. The closer it gets to kickoff time the closer you should be to the entrance gates where said tailgaters are now desperate to get rid of the tickets that they've been holding all morning. Now you can negotiate. You should be able to get two together.

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    You won't have any problem getting 2 tickets together. I'm just not sure about prices. Like the first poster mentioned, there is always a guy right off the Route 3 exit on the service road to the stadium. I started going to games 12 years ago and I'm pretty sure I've seen him every time I've went. Also like Ted said, you can just roam around all the lots and you are bound to find several guys trying to get rid of extra tickets. I would say get yourself there approximately 2 hours before kickoff. This will give you plenty of time to search for tickets without getting anxious about finding tickets and, get into the stadium, get situated, etc. Good luck.


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