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Thread: ****The Official GET OVER IT and stop bi@#hing Thread****

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    ****The Official GET OVER IT and stop bi@#hing Thread****

    Yeah our defense was not the best ... we had some bad calls on Offense. But Miami could run the ball. People thought we were going to open 0-5 so what we 3-2. With games against the Raiders & bills coming up. If we beat the team we supposed to beat. and then Get Miami back home in 3 weeks ( a game we cannot lose at home) We roll into foxboro with 2 losses. bottom line it is a loss a bad one one that I hate but the SEASON AINT OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh please, we're fans. Who the **** are YOU to tell us what we can/can not talk about?

    Talking about teams we were SUPPOSED to beat, we were SUPPOSED to beat Miami tonight. They didn't. No game in the NFL, and ESPECIALLY with the SOJ's is a gimme.

    All I know is I'm not buying into any hype anymore, they just crush you each and every time.

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    100% on board. The offense showed up today and the Sanchez to Braylon connection is something I hope to see for a long time. Lets be honest people even if we win the AFC East and see a playoff run just how many rookie QBs can with the superbowl. The D was a let down but I can deal with this offense.

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