Sanchez had a miserable game yesterday. He is being schemed against, and is not used to the weather. He is a rookie. He has played to date comparably to Eli Manning at a similar stage. But let's look at the bigger picture.

1) The Jets only real WR was Edwards, who is great but was only with the team less than two weeks. I guess we could have had Stuckey there instead, with Cotchery injured. We were probably better with Edwards. We knew in pre-season that we were light on NFL receivers. With Keller melting down, you cannot expect Sanchez to play respectably in the air with that type of receiver support.

2) The Jets last year were remarkably injury-free. Studies show that NFL injuries return to the mean. Look at all of the players hurt yesterday-Cotchery, Smith, Woody, Jenkins, Shepherd just back, Pace just back.

The Bills also had to manage injury issues, but....

3) Their depth obviously helped them get the W. We all know the Jets are thin-that is what happens when you trade many of your mid-round draft picks. If we had Chris Baker yesterday, things would have been better.

I hope Edwards is on the team next year after giving up two draft picks and a potential starting LB (Trusnik) for him. We can call Edwards for Stuckey a trade up.

4) We all knew that several players were on the downside of their productivity curves. That curve appears to be steepening downward: Faneca, Woody, Ellis, Shepherd, for starters. Richardson whiffed a block yesterday, but he still appears effective.

5) The OL is neither a dominant ground and pound unit or a flawless pass-protector. Its a good OL. I agree with others who are unhappy with our offensive philosophy (or lack thereof).

The DL is aging, and with Jenkins hurt they will really be exposed. Ryan should thinking long and hard about running more 4-3 fronts, with Gholston at DE. We need to get our best athletes on the field.

This is a Jets team that has alot of potential. I would like to see Tanenbaum stick with a steady plan to rely principally on draft picks and develop players. My one gripe with him is his tendency to undervalue quality depth and not ensure that every position is functional. He also panicks with his trades-one year of Favre got us an entertaining 12 games, a disasterous season end, no playoffs, and a lost draft pick.

At this point I think the Jets' biggest challenge is to come up with effective schemes to use their healthy talent to win football games. That is what an otherwise weak Bills team did this week.

We need a win against the Raiders this week, whatever it takes.