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Thread: 2 time Pro Bowl LB Adalius Thomas on trade block??

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    2 time Pro Bowl LB Adalius Thomas on trade block??

    I didn't see this posted anywhere....,197035

    Patriots trading two-time Pro Bowl linebacker Thomas?
    By Mark Miller

    New England Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas(notes) didn't get the fun of being part of the tromping the Pats gave the Tennessee Titans on Sunday because he was mysteriously on the inactive list. That was the first time he's been a healthy scratch since he was a rookie with the Baltimore Ravens back in 2000.

    The two-time Pro Bowler wasn't even at the stadium on Sunday and he wasn't hurt. It appears the Patriots are trying to trade the fella, according to the Boston Globe.
    NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders told viewers of NFL Game Day on Sunday that Thomas was upset and was going to work it out with his coach.

    But head coach Bill Belichick basically said Thomas didn't play because his performance was lacking, which has got to hurt when you're the same guy who signed a $35 million deal two years ago.

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    they will probably trade him to the rams or the chiefs for a #2 and #1 in 2011

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    I said this year that I thought AD was over the hill. Got to give it up for the Pats, always thinking ahead, loads of draft picks the next few years, no ones going to give up too much for this guy.
    Unless he's a player throw in for a Peppers trade.

    Pretty interesting.


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