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Thread: New Story: How the Jets can win the Super Bowl

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    Post New Story: How the Jets can win the Super Bowl

    So the Jets just won the Super Bowl. Confetti's streaming all over. Somebody, probably on defense, is going to Disney World.

    A team merely two games over break even in the regular season, that needed ample assistance to reach the postseason, has stunningly corralled the ultimate prize.

    Shocking doesn't begin to describe this twist of fate. Unprecedented would qualify. A rookie coach and quarterback, a grounded aerial attack, and an uncanny tendency to forfeit victories when they appeared a total certainty, all these perceived postseason weaknesses had been surmounted.

    It's the most unbelievable championship run in New York since the miracle Mets of...


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    Hey, itís not out of the realm. Who would have picked Cards-Eagles in the NFC Championship game last season?

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    Ugg. Great. We now need to double jinx ourselves out of this jinx.

    WCO, where are you?


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