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Thread: Thrilled with Mark Sanchez

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    Thrilled with Mark Sanchez

    I thought he played a real good game. Couple risky throws that went incomplete, but overall a real good game.

    He could have been swalloed up by the game. A rookie, hitting the rookie wall, playing his 19th game of the season against Peyton and the Colts. And he played a very good, solid game.

    I am soooo looking forward to watching him develope into a Pro Bowl QB. SAR gets it, it's all about the QB's. Now we have a QB.

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    Yeah, he made some throws that rookies aren't supposed to make.

    He still tried extending the play too long, before throwing it away, but he was really good today. Came out and didn't seem nervous at all. The future is exciting.

    Remember, we had a 35 year old Vinny Testaverde at the end of 1998.

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    He is the number one reason why I am pumped for our future.


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