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Thread: What's ahead . . .

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    What's ahead . . .

    I will say this has been one of the most enjoyable season's I could remember! It was a tough loss yesterday, but I couldn't have been prouder of our Jets. This team had blown the doors off of any expectations I had for this past season.

    Anyways, we can take alot from this season.

    First, we have a coach & an identity.

    Secondly, we have a QB! Most of Sanchez' picks came in two games during the season. The kid was money in the playoffs. Another diamond in the rough was Shonn Greene. Talk about making the most out of the opportunities given to you. These two rookies will certainly be around for a while.

    Most of all, our rookie coach & QB got playoff experience (and plenty of it!) This team can only get better & they will. I can't wait until the April draft.

    Thank you Rex Ryan & the New York Jets!

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    i hear you. in 1998 i was 10, a huge jets fan but i didnt understand it's 2009 is the greatest season i've ever watched and can't wait til 2010-2011.

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    In 1968-9 I was 24 and missed the playoff run because for some reason the Old Sarge and my Uncle Sam wouldn't let me come home from Pleiku, Vietnam to watch it.

    1982 and 1998 were good too.

    but I'm going for this season as the best I actually saw because I actually saw all the home games and both road games in Indy and the playoff wins in Cincy and San Diego.

    Plus --- we have a nucleus including the#1 Defense in the League, an young elite franchise quarterback and KING REX to build on in 2010



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