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Thread: Resigning the Jets youth

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    Resigning the Jets youth

    per schefter ESPN: the Jets and Revis are probably going to start talking this offseason.

    Obviously signing revis would be a huge blow to the salary cap, i am all for it we need to lock this guy up and keep him here the rest of his career in my opinion, but we also have a lot of young talent to lock up. I would trust Tanny with my money so i think he will figure out a way to keep our young guys (mangold, harris, revis, etc) but do you guys think we will realistically keep all these guys long term as we all want to.

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    It's a smart move

    Of any Jets player that is up for a new contract, Revis is the guy that is going to break bank, might as well try to do it during an uncapped year.

    His deal allows the team to modify his contract all the while staying true to their philosophy of not renegotiating contracts too early, his contract technically only has a year left, with team options on top of it.

    Tannenbaum knew this when putting this contract together, I think Mike knew a lot about what he's been doing the last couple of years in anticipation of this coming year, with the CBA currently in place.

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    Jets should be more focused on extending Harris and Mangold this offseason, they can start talks with Revis but he has 3 years left when they buy back the final 2 years.

    Mangold and Harris both only have 1 year left on their contracts and are very important players.


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