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Thread: D'Anthony Smith

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    D'Anthony Smith

    Since we're talking about Brian Price, how about D'Anthony Smith later on? Really good athlete that's been in Wright's top 15 DTs throughout the season. Good size at 6'2 305, played end at times in college, really athletic...Seems like a Rex kinda guy.


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    don't really know much about him

    at 6'2, whats his reach? has he been 6-7th rnd material in mocks?

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    He's a poor man's Odrick or Lamarr Houston. Maybe a 4th rounder? But if the Jets use 1 & 2 elsewhere, this is where you get depth? To be frank, don't know much about but have seen the two guys above. Mike Neal of Purdue would be a good (better?) 4th rounder.

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    Draftscout has him as a 5-6 rounder, but I think he probably goes in the 3-4 range.

    No clue what his reach is.

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    He's REALLY good but more of a 3-technique guy. I think he should go 3rd...


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