If you assume the JETS actually have a plan for this team in 2010, then the draft provides a few clues as to their thinking:

With the addition of JT, and the defensive ends DeVito, Ellis, Gholston, with Phouha spelling Jenkins at NT, they are not worried about the line.

With the linebackers essentially intact from last year, are they waiting on NE to release AD so they can grab him?

No safety taken in the draft certainly seems to point to the possibility of going after Sharper when the Final 8 restrictions are lifted; same with back-up QB Brunell (they can't feel comfortable with Clemens).

Rex does not trust either Lowery or Coleman as DB's; Wilson is also protection against Cromartie being a 1 year rental, and don't overlook Warren as a UFA from Michigan (I've seen him a lot and he definitely has skills)

People have been trashing the Faneca cut as financial foolishness; it's should be noted that they will need some money to sign remaining free agents IF they are thinking about TWO year contracts and the possibility of a cap coming back next year; that's how I would think. Also, Callahan has proven that we should have confidence in his line judgement.

Other than that, kicking remains my biggest concern. All I get from the draft is that there were no kickers the JETS liked, or they have more confidence in our current guys than the fans do.