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Thread: Official suggest/guess Revis's Contract Contest

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    Official suggest/guess Revis's Contract Contest

    Best idea gets this:

    maybe we'll even give Tanny some useful ideas...

    I'll start it off:

    Revis wants Nmandi's contract and I say the Jets give it to him. Nmandi max value is 16 mil for 3years for a total of 48mil total max value. The Jets should embed that contract in a 10 year deal over the first 3 years. The following 7 years should be at 13 mil per. Total contract value = 139 mil over 10 years. Add in playing incentives of 500k if the jets reach the championship game, 1 mil if they reach the superbowl, and 2 mil if revis wins DPOY. Max possible incentive value = 35 mil. Total possible contract value = 174 mil.

    Obviously the incentives are kinda silly, but i'm sure they can work out some other playing incentives. In effect, he should be making between 135-140mil with the difference made up in incentives. I think this is probably near what they will settle on.

    Anybody got any other ideas?

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    Next two years will be worth more than Aso's deal (for the next 2 years), and approximately 11-12 million per year thereafter. Therefore, Revis will be the highest paid CB, and after Aso's deal expires the yearly salary will come back down to reality. 2 years, 30.1 million (10 million base, 5 million bonus per year), and then 6 more years at 11 million per year, one year with another 5 million bonus. 100 million dollars.

    I actually don't really care anymore.

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    I love the idea I heard earlier today which involved giving Revis his $16M this year, especially since it's an uncapped year, and then lowering that figure to the $12M per year offer the Jets have already offered. It won't break the 30% rule, Revis gets his title as the highest paid corner in the game, and will likely keep it since it is unlikely the Raiders pick up Aso's final year option.

    You'd have to be one greedy sonova***** to turn that down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike D View Post
    Thank you Mortimer.

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    His first 3 years, which is how contracts are typically measured (especially when Aso's was a 3 yr deal) will come close to, or go over $46 million. That will be in base salary and bonuses, both up front as well as roster bonuses in 2011 and 2011 as well as perhaps performance bonuses and workout bonuses.

    I'm guessing that a significant amount of future compensation will also be tied into performance and workout bonuses (i.e. show the f' up at Training Camp).

    There may also be some real fluff in there (like D'Brick's deal) in order pump up the numbers for the media. If its a 10 year deal, he'll never see years 9 and 10.


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