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Thread: two tight end sets

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    two tight end sets

    boy,I really see something special in keller and cumberland running a two tightend set.both have awsome speed at their position.defenses would find it very difficult to cover them.I really hope that cumberland makes the final roster.

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    agreed. Keller and Cumberland both going up the seam, with Braylon and Cotch coming underneath.....somebody's gonna be open!

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    unless cumberland's no threat to block which case you might as well have cotchery in there

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    I just want to see less empty sets.

    Just gives the defense every bit of info they need. They know it's a pass and they KNOW the ball is coming out quickly on a short route. The plays are also so quick in developing that you aren't going to get any pass interference calls and the ball gets tipped up constantly.

    Just no more empty backfield sets. And use more play action. It's no mistake that the Colts do more play action than anyone else.


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