Just as I thought having followed them forever, this team is all talk, nothing else. Look at this pathetic performance. Todd Heap jumping all over the place, catching balls left & right, Anquan Boldin catching balls all over the place & whenever Joe Flacco needed a 3rd down conversion, it looked easy, just throw it up for grabs and we will commit some assinine penalty and get flagged every f'ing time.

The Jet offense goes 3 & Out time after tiome after time & looks to be devoid of offensive playmakers. Maybe Santonio will change that in week 5 after we open 1-3 or worse. Did Braylon Edwards even play tonight? Someone please tell me what this players function is on this team? Any salary he takes is akin to stealing, he is useless. Hey Braylon GO OUT AND MAKE A F'ING PLAY DAMN IT!!! Our QB? LOL...He plays, scared, timid and like a girl. Hey Mark, ITS GO TIME, f'ing pathetic excuse for a QB. Go make copmmercials and LEAVE US ALONE!

Did Dustin Keller play tonight? Cotchery? Anyone? Where are "all of the weapons" we werwe told that we have?

Anyone see Anquan Boldin tonight? THAT is an NFL WR. We have none of those. 11 3rd down conversions against our superastar defense. 5 for us.
E M B A R A S S I N G. Men against clowns.

Next week will be even worse because the freight train is coming to town to take on the Hard Knocks/August/Biggest Mouth in the League Champions. The NJ Jets.

I know it is not how you start, but how you finish, but tonights pathetic penalty filled debacle is the same exact game we have seen forever from this franchise. Sorry gang, I am just venting because I am embarassed and completely pi$$ed off. Franchesca's wet dream this game was.

Rex-Go have a f'ing snack now.