LOL at this board.

Call me a homer or an idiot all you want, but I have been right WAYYYY more than I have been wrong.

Here is why, lets stack the negatives vs this defense tonight.

1. The Ravens basically know the entire defensive playbook. Rex was there for 10 years and that is a huge advantage for them. Flacco had a feel for them starting late in the 1st half.

2. Horrible penalties affected this game. The Wilson PI call that gave the Ravens their only TD was not catchable. Cro's holding call when the Ravens were backed up was awful. There were PI and holding calls that were legit, but far from all of them.

3. Wilson was poor much of this game. He had flashes, but looked mismatched at times, which is expected as a rookie, he has all the tools you want and will be better than fine as time goes on this year.

With all of this...they dominated and allowed basically nothing when it counted. They will force countless TO's this season with the pressure and physicality. They DOMINATED the line of scrimmage and stuffed one of the best rush offenses in the NFL. This defense will be worthy of mention with the 200 Ravens and 85 Bears when its all over.

The offense was terrible. We all saw that, but they will basically be asked not to lose the game. The Jets will be able to run the ball better vs the rest of the NFL. Sanchez and Scotty looked to be off tonight, thats a problem, not a unfixable problem tho. They had no rhythm, like at times last year, but just like last year, they will find it.

Special teams is at the top of the league as well as a unit. Amazing coverage units and the punter is not an issue...period. Folk did his job and will be fine.

You all can flame on all you want, I saw an amazing defense that you all will get on board with soon enough. If I am worng, I will be the first one to bump this thread, but I won't be will.