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Thread: Competitive Disadvantage

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    Competitive Disadvantage

    The Jets Brass crumbled under relentless media scrutiny, unprecedented scrutiny, yielding an unprecedented team-imposed disciplinary measure.

    Braylon Edwards has been benched for an entire quarter in a game that means unequivocal first-place in the AFCE early in the season.

    I'm glad we converted the first drive into a TD. But the second drive was an utter failure and completely turned the field position game in favor of the fins.

    Even before the first snap, the Fins deferred the kickoff, giving the Jets the ball first. This was planning for Edwards to be out for likely more series -- at this point it will be at least going into the 3rd series, as there is 2:41 left as i write and Sanchez is coming back out.

    The media played smash-mouth football with the Jets, and the Jets have gotten manhandled. The Jets wilted. The Jets didn't have to have Edwards off the field for into the third series.

    Whatever happens happens. But this strikes me as bizarre. The Jets talk sh!t all the way to the bank, they claim to want to take on the identity of a smash mouth team. Run the ball well, and play tough defense.

    Finally comes Braylon. But the point is made -- I don't like it. I'd rather be smash-mouth with the media as well. Eff the court of public opinion -- especially in NY.

    What think you? It's almost as if the Jets don't believe the Fins can compete with us even without Edwards. The lead we've achieved now mostly without Edwards is a big psychological blurp in the Fins head now. So in that aspect, the move paid incredible dividends.
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    Agreed. The Jets ownership is so conscious of the media and how the team is portrayed that he gives in on issues that other teams would not even care about. The Bengals were basically fielding a prison team a few years ago with no worries. I dont recall the Ravens suspending Jamal Lewis or even sitting him when he it was well known he was going to jail- they simply waited for the league. I remember Lewis' last game before sitting and the head coach basically hugging him on the sidelines because he had to sit two games and they felt bad for him. Its a total double standard and it really was spearheaded by WFAN. Its a shame the Jets fed into it and let it become a bigger story than it had to be.


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