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Thread: Trader Bill - the Pats Trades from the 2008 Draft

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    Trader Bill - the Pats Trades from the 2008 Draft

    Was looking at Peter King's column from today, and saw a fact that interested me - the Packers got Clay Matthews with a pick they acquired from NE. So I went back and looked at what the Pats got for that pick. Here was their day:

    R1, P23 - NE trades the selection to Baltimore for picks 26 (Rd 1) and 162 (Rd 5). Baltimore Selects Michael Oher

    R1, P26 - NE trades 26 and 162 to Green Bay for Picks 41 (Rd 2), 73 (Rd 3) and 83 (Rd 3, the Favre pick). Green Bay Selects Clay Matthews (and Jamon Meredith at pick 162)

    R2, P41 - NE Selects Darius Butler

    R3, P72 - NE trades the pick to Jacksonville for Jacksonville's 2010 2d round pick, and 2009 7th Round Pick No. 232. Jacksonville Selects Derek Cox

    R3, P83 - NE Selects Brandon Tate

    R7, P232 - NE Selects Julian Edelman

    2010, R2, P44 (from Jacksonville): - NE trades the pick along with a 6th rounder to Oakland for pick 42, which it uses to draft Rob Gronkowski. Oakland Selects LaMarr Houston. In Round 6, Oakland Selects Travis Goethal

    So - here's what that all boils down to:

    New England essentially traded Michael Oher and Travis Goethal (its only 2 original picks) for:

    Darius Butler, Brandon Tate, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski

    Or, looked at after the Baltimore trade, New England traded Matthews, Meridith and Goethals for that foursome.

    Did NE get good value? Four contributors, and Tate and Gronkowski look pretty good, and Butler is at least decent. But Oher and Matthews will be probowlers for a long time, and that NE D could really use a guy like Matthews.

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    Butler was benched after we picked on him last week....for Kyle Arrington (Who?)

    Granted, Tate, Edelman, and Gronkowski seems like a fairly promising trio. Still no Clay Matthews or Michael Oher though.

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    Thank God they didn't get Clay Mathews
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    Yet another reason to LOVE Tanny's quality over quanity approach to building a football team

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    Belicheat is dreadful in the draft room, it's a great thing for the Jets.


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