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    What i don't get is why Bit can't remember the plays where Faneca got owned. Because there was surely plenty of them. The biggest thing when you are evaluating players, is to not let the reputation cloud your vision. You have to take each player as though you've never seen them before and don't even know who they are.

    And you can't evaluate players when first watching a game. You can pick up little things here and there, but to get a true feel for how someone is playing, watch the game again with no rooting interest. Then, specifically focus on individuals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lamont_jordan_rules View Post
    ... this also is very well said and accurate ...

    ... you can't just look at this season in a vaccuum ... in the salary-cap era nfl we were going to get dinged with the albatross of faneca's declining skills and exhorbitant salary at some point ...

    ... mikey t took the opportunity to do so this year where we have the get out of jail free card with their not being a cap this season ... they rolled the dice on what they had seen out of faneca as well as slausen regarding performance this season ...

    ... faneca's salary not impacting next years cap is directly related to our ability to keep the core four ...

    This is exactly right...he rolled the dice. Now, so far, the Jets are 3-1 and while its been a bit of a bumpy road, Slauson has held up OK. Not great, but all and all, he's been OK (and the rest of the line has been shaky at times as well, so I'd agree that Slauson is taking some undue criticism).

    But, there's no denying that it was in fact a roll of the dice. The Jets did not have a proven alternative when they jettisoned Faneca. They didn't get rid of him in February....they got rid of him when Ducasse was drafted. Now, they were able to hedge a bit as Ducasse wasn't the only option, but its not like Slauson was the plan all along. To imply that would revising history a bit.

    Your last point is unclear though....Faneca would undoubtedly have been cut in 2011 if he stayed on the team this year for a reasonable cap hit. More than likely, the Jets will still be on the hook for that cap hit, assuming there is a new CBA. The only difference is that there was no cap this year and thus no $7m dead money hit, which would have been a hard nut to swallow (no homo).


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