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Thread: Judge bans witness in Gitmo trial

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    Judge bans witness in Gitmo trial

    and so it begins...thank you Mr. President

    Judge bans key witness in Gitmo detainee's trial

    Last Updated: 10:11 AM, October 6, 2010
    Posted: 8:21 AM, October 6, 2010

    In a blow to prosecutors, a judge has ruled the government cannot call its most important witness at the first civilian trial for a Guantanamo Bay detainee.
    Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan announced his decision Wednesday. That blocks the government from calling the man who authorities said sold explosives to defendant Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani. Defense lawyers say investigators only learned about the witness after Ghailani underwent harsh interrogation at a CIA-run camp overseas.
    The judge announced his decision shortly before jury selection was to resume. If prosecutors appeal, opening statements expected Wednesday might be delayed.
    The trial of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, the first civilian court trial for Gitmo detainees, is set to begin today in Manhattan.

    Ghailani is charged with conspiring in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa. The attacks killed 224 people, including a dozen Americans.

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    Can you please elaborate how Obama screwed this one up?

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    I'm willing to bet almost all o fthese prisoners will get off scott free in the civilian court system.

    And then Obama/Administration will simply not let them go anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    Can you please elaborate how Obama screwed this one up?
    These should NOT be civilian trials, with civilians rules of evidence and witnesses.


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