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Thread: Interesting article on the Jets OL

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    Interesting article on the Jets OL

    The author tries to measure how good different linemen are by their effectiveness maintaining their blocks. Take this for what it's worth, but I thought it was worth a read

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    I saw that today as well. Im not really sure what to make of it since the guy only has stats for 9 teams(of which the Jets are the only real complete one) and Im not exactly sure I completely believe in the methodology, though maybe with more data I would be. One of the things I dont like with those rankings is they are strictly based on time. Is giving up your block at 2.4 seconds the same as giving it up in 0.8 seconds? It shouldnt be but I have a feeling it is in this case. Over the first two games Brick basically gave up 3 sacks and had a few holds because he got beat. To me thats worse than a guy who loses his block but still allows the QB to get the ball off in 3 seconds or so. I guess it balances out because he played very well in games 3 and 4.


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