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Thread: New Story: Jets asked Favre to return for '09 season

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    Post New Story: Jets asked Favre to return for '09 season

    FLORHAM PARK, NJ - The New York Jets' relationship with Brett Favre in the 2008 season was a lot like experiencing love for the first time. First came infatuation over his gaudy numbers. After a hot and heavy start fans couldn't get enough of the ageless wonder. Then came the downfall - in-house fighting, communication breakdowns, injuries. All of which culminated with a messy break-up which was followed by Favre getting together with a sexier team and Jets fans feeling like they were used and taken advantage of.

    And after all the hoopla that surrounded the two, the Jets still wanted...


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    Favre wanted to beat GB and GB only!!! NFC North Div. only...


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