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Thread: NFL Network Video - The Growth of Sanchez

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    Thumbs up NFL Network Video - The Growth of Sanchez

    The Growth of Sanchez

    Nothing earth shattering, but Kurt Warner gives a nice 2 Min review of Sanchez so far.

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    Yep...itt's an ok vid.

    What's surprising that Sanchez is thought of as one of the most overrated players.

    OL...WRs...RBs...TE...yes...Mark is blessed with an excellent supporting cast. And he has a D that can save his asx too. Even many good successful QBs in this league had only 16 career college starts...then started in the NFL right away from game #1? Just about every single QB in this league had about double or more college start experience before entering the NFL.

    Sanchez has a very difficult learning curve to overcome. And he's working his asx off to overcome it. There are many QBs that have careers where they've been traumatized...busted...and circulate as journeymen from year to year on different teams.

    Mark may be fortunate...but that doesn't mean he's overrated. Maybe it's just some kind of envious reaction.


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