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Thread: Ideas to Tweak the Defensive scheme

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    Ideas to Tweak the Defensive scheme

    Iv'e seen great ideas to rattle payton manning and tom brady like "blitz revis from the slot" or "Play revis at free safety", I think those are awesome ideas for certain situations vs Manning and Brady and or Flacco or Rothlisburger. I just wondering what else could Rex do to shake up the D for the playoffs?

    I say for every SURE passing down... put both safeties in the box pre snap. They might blitz off the edge, might blitz the A gap, 1 might blitz and the other drop back in coverage.

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    Lock Revis on Wayne and Cro on Garcon. Have both of them shadow their man the entire game.

    I don't want a situation where revis hes switched to a TE.

    Play ihedibo as a hybrid third saftey/linebacker

    Play D low not smith.

    Revis, Cro, (Wilson)

    Poole, Lowery

    Pace, Scott, Harris, Ihedibo

    Ellis, Pouha, (DE)


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