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Thread: First Round predictions

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    First Round predictions

    Try to reach a's what I've got to start with:

    Visiting teams go 4-0 this weekend.
    Saints, Jets, Packers and Ravens all take care of business.

    I'm not sure about Philly/GB but if the Packers can keep the ball away from Jackson, they should be able to get it done. Certainly the weather shouldn't be an issue for them.

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    I don't see the Pack winning in Philly. Jets/Colts, gonna be close, unless our 'D' can pick off Peyton and score something other than field goals, then it'll be a blowout

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    If I were a betting man I would go with:


    I know they are all the favorites but if I was to bet my $$$ straight up that is what I would go with.

    As with the rest of the world cannot picture Seattle having a chance. I would take Seattle with the points but to advance have to go with Brees.........

    Our defense hasn't stopped anyone and our offense (other then the Bills game) hasn't been that impressive. GOD I hope I am wrong. Always have to go with Manning.

    Think a healthier Vick is going to be the difference here. He was hurting the last few games and after a 2 week rest he is going to be all over the field.

    Just think the Chiefs suck and haven't really played anyone. Flacco, Rice, and Boldin and the ravens defense is too much for the Chiefs.


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