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Thread: Keep Manning off the Field

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    Keep Manning off the Field

    I think we have to run the clock from our first possession and run it all day. We are always scared to run on 2nd down after a short gain. Keep the game in our control and give Greene 60% of the carries Tomlinson 30% and McKnight 10%. You have to mix and match with the run and air it out when you see an opening. It will be difficult to stop Manning and the Colts offense. If the run doesn't work start witht the short passes and don't be afraid to throw it down the field to Edwards or Holmes. The slants to Holmes and Keller have also been working lately. We have to stay away from turnovers and control the clock throughout.

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    Always, with any Qb. If the Offense can contribute with other than just points that's a help to the D no doubt. Problem is Manning is capable of scoring with both limited time and limited possessions, so in the the end the Offense is going to have to put up points, just enough to exceed what the D can hold the Colts to, nothing new in football.


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