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Thread: Wht We Should Really Care About in re: the Arizona Tragedy

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    Wht We Should Really Care About in re: the Arizona Tragedy


    Six people were killed in the attack.[91] All but Christina-Taylor Green died at the scene of the shooting.[92]

    Christina-Taylor Green, 9, of Tucson. Green was accompanied to the meeting by a neighbor.[28] Green died at University Medical Center.[6][93] Born on September 11, 2001, she had appeared in the book Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11 (page 41).[94][95][96] She was the daughter of Los Angeles Dodgers scout John Green and Roxanna Green, the granddaughter of former Major League Baseball player and manager Dallas Green[95][97] and second cousin to actress Sophia Bush.[98] She was in third grade and had recently been elected to the student council at Mesa Verde Elementary School.[5][28][93][95]
    Dorothy "Dot" Morris, 76. A retired secretary from Oro Valley. Her husband George survived two gunshot wounds while attempting to shield her.[91][99]
    John Roll, 63. Roll was the chief judge for the U.S. District Court for Arizona. Roll was a native of Pennsylvania and a 1969 graduate of the University of Arizona. He began his legal career as a bailiff in Pima County Superior Court and in 1980 joined the office of the U.S. Attorney. He was appointed to the Arizona Appeals Court in 1987 until he was named to the federal bench by President George H. W. Bush in 1991. He had served as presiding judge since 2006.[28][100]
    Phyllis Schneck, 79. Homemaker from Tucson.[91][101]
    Dorwin Stoddard, 76. Stoddard was a retired construction worker.[102] He was shot in the head while shielding his wife Mavy from the gunman. She spoke with him for 10 minutes before he died of his injuries.[91]
    Gabriel "Gabe" Zimmerman, 30. Zimmerman worked on Giffords's staff as a community outreach director.[5][28] Zimmerman had been a member of Giffords’ staff since 2006. He was a native of Tucson and had completed a master's of social work at Arizona State University[103] and a bachelor's of sociology at UC Santa Cruz.[104] He was engaged to be married.[28][103]
    RIP. So many lives destroyed needlessly.


    Fourteen people were wounded and survived the attack, including:[2]

    1.Gabrielle Giffords, U.S. Representative from Arizona.[28]
    2.Bill Badger, 74. A retired colonel of the Army National Guard whose head was grazed by a bullet, moments before subduing the suspect.[105]
    3.Ron Barber, 65. Deputy director for Giffords and former Pima County program manager, who was shot in the cheek and in the leg, severing an artery.[28][106]
    4.Eric Fuller, 63. A military veteran and retired limousine driver, hit in the leg and back by bullet fragments.[107]
    5.Susan Hileman, 58. Shot in the leg, hip, abdomen and chest while accompanying Christina-Taylor Green.[108][109]
    6.George Morris, a retired Marine and former airline pilot, survived two gunshot wounds while trying to shield his wife Dorothy, who died.[110]
    7.Mary Reed, who attended with her family, was shot in the back and both arms while shielding her 17-year-old daughter against a wall.[111]
    8.Pam Simon, staffer for Giffords.[28]
    9.Mavy Stoddard, shot in the leg three times while shielded by her husband Dorwin.[91] She and her husband had dated in grade school, reconnected after their respective spouses of 40 years died, and got married.[102]
    A hope for a fast recovery, both physical and mental, to all these innocent victims.

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    I 100% agree!

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    It's nice to finally hear the names and stories of the other victims, too. What an awful tragedy.

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