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Thread: Getting over this emotional hang over won't be easy. How we match up against Steelers

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    Getting over this emotional hang over won't be easy. How we match up against Steelers

    Warning: LONG POST and you have to do a lot of reading. So all anti-substance folks don't bother.

    Both teams played a hated rival this week but the difference is ... The Steelers had a weeks rest heading into that game and Baltimore was coming into their house. We just came off of an incredibly tough week game planning for Peyton and then a even tougher game against the Colts and had a couple of days to prepare for the Pats and had to bring everything we had and then some to perform how we did yesterday. The emotion we played with yesterday trying to erase years of torture & the embarrassing 45-3 loss was evident on the field on both sides of the ball. The Jets played with EXTRA emotion and energy that the pats couldn't match. Some of the Jets players like Ellis, Bryan Thomas, Cotchery, T Rich have suffered many years in the green and white losing against the Pats and played their heart out. LT obviously had years of revenge as well as some of the younger guys that are here who have tasted some bad losses against the Pats. Rex exorcisizing his demons against Peyton and trying to out coach the Bellichick is taking a bit of a toll. He looks DRAINED. He didn't look like this last year at all. He looks like he hasn't slept in weeks. He won't be sleeping this week either cause his toughest task yet looms ahead.

    How can we recover within 48 hours to prepare for the Steelers? Its going to be tough but it can be done but the biggest challenge the Jets will have is with all the mental toughness they've showed, they didn't play a team the past 2 weeks that are capable of out-muscling them. The Steelers are very physical. The Steelers get to the QB much better than NE. Dick LeBeau is a very good defensive coordinator and has already taken a look at Sanchez this year. Flacco came out of the KC game playing a very good game and he had all the answers for how to stop him and rattle him. They got to him with some exotic blitzes and at times just by rushing 4 guys. They have the personnel to get to ANY QB and stop ANY teams run.

    X factor for the Steelers: Big Ben - Unlike Brady he isn't rattled by any pressure, in fact he welcomes it. The Jets have to stay disciplined and if they get a chance at him not to over pursue or run passed him. This is Key! They have to stay low and make sure they square those shoulders and run through him and not try and just stretch their arms out. He loves to move up when the pressure comes and then has the mobility to roll out to either side and can throw it accurately on the run. The Steelers unlike the Colts and Pats are VERY dangerous vertically and even worse are better when their receivers have to re-route. Giving Big Ben time like we did against Brady will leave us doomed. Teams burned the Jets vertically this year. Steelers had more 20 plus yard gained receptions than all but 1 team this year. If the Steelers run game is effective then its even more trouble for us cause our LB's will have to creep up on the line and our safety's the same. The best recipe for this is to get ahead, shut the run down right away, and try to make them one dimensional so we know that they are passing. Stopping them on first downs is crucial.

    X Factor for the Jets - Executing on offense

    No Dropped passes, limiting penalties, and protecting Sanchez. You can't line up against the Steelers and just try and do one thing against them. You have to give them different looks like running off spread formations and passing off run formations. We've been putting in Turner in as a tight end for our power run formation and Schotty did a great job sending Turner out for a route to give the Pats something different to think about. Max protection will be key as well. If we can max protect on certain possessions by leaving in a tight end and running back to block we can give Sanchez a lot more time and with the way Santonio, Cotch, & Braylon just played that can bold well for us. Keeping the Steelers back end guys honest by taking some methodical shots downfield with Braylon is key as well. As we seen in the first match one thing I noticed is the Steelers aren't used to being run on. Not even a little bit so the bootlegs and direct snaps to running backs worked perfectly. We have to continue to find ways to keep them off balance. Jets have to stay unpredictable against the Steelers cause you just can't line up against them like we did against the Pats and run on every first down like "here we come" ... Polamalu makes the world of difference as well but he didn't look too healthy against the Ravens. I would test him vertically or make him run laterally as much as possible to see what effect he'll have early.

    Random Thought:

    in 07 after the Giants beat the #1 seed and NFC favorite Cowboys Tom Coughlin made a interesting point the very next day. "There's no time for an emotional hang over, we're on the road again next week and these games get tougher. you don't get these opportunies often and we have to take advantage of this and I expect the Green Bay game to be even more difficult" ... He's right it only gets harder and harder. Beating the Pats was difficult and it feels great but our toughest task lies ahead against arguably the best defense in the league and arguably the toughest QB in the NFL to game plan against. Rex has to find a way to refresh his team and pick them up quickly from the hang over. Being 1 game away from the superbowl should be enough but last week he pulled all the stops with the Bryd speech and extra game planning. He has to find something to match what he did last week to get his team even EXTRA focused for the task at hand. I would bring in Dan Marino to talk to the team. He's not a former Jet and he's a former rival but he was a VERY young guy who made the superbowl, lost, and never got another chance again. I don't think its desperate at all, in fact just like the bryd thing it puts things into perspective for guys who are in the heat of the moment.

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    Really sound analysis ... but screw Dan Marino. He's the enemy -- always will be ... there's about 100 better guys to bring in than Marino. Hell, why not A.J. Duhe, or Bernie Kosar? Is John Elway available?

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    Its because of excellent posts like this that keep me coming back to JI. Thanks for putting that up. It shows that it must have taken sometime.


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