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Thread: Best bar to watch in NYC with good prices?

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    Talking Best bar to watch in NYC with good prices?

    What are some of the best bars in the city to watch the game and get some good drink prices at on Sunday?

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    If u like bbq go to Virgils in times square. Its a restayrant but has a bar area which is a great experience, top notch service

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    Address: 212 W 79th St, New York NY 10024 Map It
    Why go here?: First--this place has a bit of an attitude (the bartenders and owners think it is MUCH better than it is-i.e. an upper west side sports bar). However, the best wings in the city, MANY TV's (both Big screen and small), LOADS of Jets fans makes this a great place in the city to watch a game. Be warned-this place fills up quickly, thus reservations are suggested.
    Submitted by: Scott Callaway

    St. Mark's Ale House
    Address: 2 Saint Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003 (between 2nd & 3rd Aves) Map It
    Phone: (212) 260-9762
    Why go here?: Over the shoulder!! The Ale House is a great place to catch all the NFL games on their 9 TVs with satellites but especially the JETS. Pete Fecht is behind the bar serving from their 24 beers on tap every Sunday. Tons of Jet fans pack the place every week for good food and good drinks. Get there early if you want to find a seat. It fills up quickly.
    Submitted by: “One of the Good Guys”
    The Dive Bar
    Address: Amsterdam Ave and West 96th Street, New York , NY 10025 Map It
    Why go here?: Four screens - all NFL. 10 brews on tap, a tequila list and a single malt list. Great bar menu and a very cool crowd. In addition, the best dirty jokes on the planet courtesy of Lee the owner. Jets fans actually out number Giants fans here.
    Submitted by: Mike Raganelli
    Time Out
    Address: 349 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY Map It
    Why go here?: Jets partisans abound (NY Magazine called it a top sports bar and mentioned it was top for Jets Fans (see the Apr. 1 issue))...good wings, good viewing. Better than Blondie's but busier on Game Day (so take note).
    Submitted by: Jon Gallant
    Tj's Bar and Grill
    Address: 413 East 70th Street, New York, NY Map It
    Phone: (212) 861-7700
    Why go here?: 10 cent wings on Sunday. 8 dollar pitchers. Bunch of Jets fans. What else do you need?
    Submitted by: George Rudovic

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    Which bars have "optimal" set ups?

    Checklist: 50"+ TVs (no 42inch bs for a game this big)
    Game Sound (with music during commercials)
    No Standard Def. TVs (the delay can ruin the game fast)
    Beer Torpedos
    Waitresses (prefbly. cute, but we'll make do)

    If you know any places that can meet these requirements, please throw em out there please!!!!!!!

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    Tonic has been a good place to go for the games. I know of several people who went to the Murray Hill one last week, which was packed. You probably need to get there early to ensure getting a seat.

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