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Thread: Is Greg McElroy a Twitter Rock Star?

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    Is Greg McElroy a Twitter Rock Star?

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    Is Jets QB Greg McElroy a Twitter Rock Star?

    by Erik Manassy on May 9, 2011 ∑ View Comments

    in Player Tweets

    When the New York Jets drafted Alabama QB Greg McElroy this year, I immediately followed him on twitter and for the most part he was a casual tweeter, UNTIL last night. He ran a Q&A session and he was replying quite a bit, in fact it took up most of my timeline and hey I follow over 3k people.

    What I didnít realize about Greg on Twitter is that heís a ROCK STAR online. Did you know that he has over 30,000 people following him? HOLY COW. Thatís impressive considering that most players are under the 10k mark. I notice that the superstars of the NFL have a lot of followers but 30k for a rookie is nothing to shake a stick at.

    So what was Greg talking about during his Q&A session, LOTS but Iím only going to cover the Jets topics:
    Mothers Day Q & A begins now. I will answer questions till my phone dies. Iím at 13% now so letís get it started. Fire away!
    5/8/11 8:28 PM
    Great guy. Known him for years. RT @bamafootball: @GVMcElroy Met Mark Sanchez yet? Cool dude?
    about 16 hours ago via EchofonReplyRetweetFavorite
    Greg McElroy
    Learning as much as possible and being a great teammate RT @Nebkreb: @GVMcElroy What are you looking forward to about playing for the Jets?
    5/8/11 8:31 PM

    I didnít know that Mark knew Greg. Now this is probably my own conspiracy theory, but I wonder how much influence Sanchez had with the drafting of McElroy. I know many people were already saying that the only reason that Scotty McKnight was drafted by the Jets was because Mark and Scotty were best friends that grew up together and it was Mark who got him on the team. I donít buy that Sanchez got both on the team alone, but Iím POSITIVE that he talked both players up and endorsed the moves.
    Not sure yet. Possibly 5? RT @andrewmarchese: @GVMcElroy Since #12 isnít an option what number do you plan on wearing as a Jet?
    5/8/11 8:33 PM

    Brooks Bollinger #5

    Yeah Greg, number 12 is off the list and it has been for a while. Other numbers you will want to stay away from for a QB, 7 and 4. 5 is available but the first person I though of was Brook Bolinger. Remember him Jets fans, wow.

    Rent. Ha RT @TeamMarkSanchez: @GVMcElroy what are you gonna buy with your first nfl paycheck?
    5/8/11 8:41 PM
    Jets. RT @dwn323: @GVMcElroy do u think of Joe Namath first, as a legend of bama football or new York jets football?
    about 16 hours ago via EchofonReplyRetweetFavorite
    Greg McElroy

    Who thinks of Joe as a Bama Legend? Anyone? Crickets. Look no disrespect to Bama fans, but Joe Namath is one of the most famous NFL players EVER, and he was a New York Jet! He changed the game forever and people still talk about it. Oh and that happened over 40 years ago. The man still own New York, maybe until Mark wins a SB then the town is his forever.
    Troy Aikman and my Dad. RT @Gregtheman7: @GVMcElroy Who was your childhood idle?
    5/8/11 8:38 PM
    Throwing off balance and adjusting arm angles at LOS. RT @jct4ua: @GVMcElroy whats gonna be the biggest change from college to pro for you?
    5/8/11 8:34 PM
    Surreal. I canít wait for it to get here! RT @wbourland: @GVMcElroy How does it feel to play the Cowboys week 1?
    5/8/11 8:30 PM
    Thatís it guys. 1% left. Enjoyed it. We will do it again soon.
    5/8/11 9:00 PM

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    29990 of the people following him are from alabama. They have nothing over there. bama football is their life. I would expect the qb of the team to be super popular.

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    I've been following him for a while. He's a very sharp guy. Tweets about more than football too.

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    When former Alabama QB Greg McElroy was drafted by the Jets, he spoke eloquently of his fondness for Joe Namath and how his father always idolized Namath. McElroy said he wore No. 12 at Alabama because of Namath and he mentioned that, when he signed with the Crimson Tide, he received a congratulatory voice mail from Broadway Joe. A friendship was born.

    On Monday, the mutual admiration spilled over to Twitter, where the two former Alabama quarterbacks -- some 45 years apart -- exchanged pleasantries in 140 characters or less. What a world. Here's a sampling:

    From @RealJoeNamath: "Greg I'm excited to see you in Pro Football, Especially with the JETS!"

    Another tweet from @RealJoeNamath: "If anyone were ready to step in, I know it would be you."

    A response from @GVMcElroy: "Wow. If this is real, then I am pumped!"

    Reply from @RealJoeNamath: "Now that the NCAA not involved, I'll be staying in touch! Go Jets!!! #Jets #ROLLTide"

    @GVMcElroy: "Looking forward to it!"

    @RealJoeNamath: "Bought Coach Ryan's book yesterday. Knowing you, I bet you've ALREADY read it "

    While we're on the subject, Namath and McElroy are only two of six players ever drafted out of Alabama by the Jets. The other four:

    Marty Lyons, DE, 1979, first round
    Richard Todd, QB, 1976, first round
    Greg Gantt, PK, 1974, eighth round
    Mike Hall, LB, 1969, tenth round

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    29990 of the people following him are from alabama. They have nothing over there. bama football is their life. I would expect the qb of the team to be super popular.
    Grits and gravy are nothing?


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