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Thread: Day # 2 in camp ... update on Kenrick and Derrick Mason

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    Day # 2 in camp ... update on Kenrick and Derrick Mason

    day # 2 for me and I seen some of you ask about updates on Kenrick Ellis and Big Mo so I'll try my best to fill in what I got so far. As for Big Mo it was business as usual. One coach told me he's already well ahead of where they thought he would be and they had pretty high expectations already. As for Kenrick this was his best day of practice. He's more comfortable with where he has to be so he's just letting his instincts fly. He's getting his hands up on balls during drills and making deflections and 2 Jet defensive coaches have already praised him for his work ethic saying he's putting in the extra time and effort.

    I know I said this before but Pace looks ridiculously good. If you speak to anyone who's watched the Jets for a couple of years everyone says this is the best he's looked coming into camp. He's in the best shape since he's been here and he looks extremely confident. Got a chance to speak to him and you can tell cocky from confidence. There's a silent confidence to him almost as if he knows something no one else does. He said sacks are important but not as much as forcing the QB to make a mistake. Quote "a QB could get sacked and next play throw for a TD but if you force him to make a turnover we take the ball out of his hands; so a hurry is just as important if not more so." Expect to see Westerman a lot more this year. 1 Jets coach told me westerman is capable of playing every linebacker spot on the field for the Jets and knows all of the assignments and he's even capable of playing some DE (although to me he looks small) .. Although Westerman hasn't played a lot he's one of the most respected guys in the locker room and he works extremely hard.

    Derrick Mason is a classy guy. I'm sure its out there cause it was a huge topic around the facility today but he took less money to play for the Jets. No matter how hard reporters tried to ask Rex or Derrick no one knows exactly from who or what but one thing is pretty clear ... he turned down more guaranteed money and also a higher offer. He told me and my boss personally that he likes the Jets offense and that watching Sanchez in the playoff's last year and the year before pushed him to come here. He said Sanchez has that "it" factor when it matters most and isn't shy of the moment and I quote "he's only been in the league 2 years and isn't afraid of the moment, thats the guy I want to play with." (If it wasn't for my boss we would quote it just like this but he's afraid it'll be spun as a jab towards Flacco and we don't want to do that to Mason the guy is classy) So as Mason talks about the Jets and etc ..... what truly drove him here was the other Jets in the receiving corps, knowing Rex, but it was mainly Sanchez.

    edit: i say today cause i wrote this yesterday and then i had no service so ignore timing specifics. i wrote this yesterday so sorry for the confusion. i'll have another update for the REAL today. if any of you are in camp hit me up at
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    great info again LadainianIMnotDONE..

    i love mason's take on sanchez in big spots..

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    looking forward to seeing our front 7 play this year and getting more turnovers.

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    Than, great stuff! Im impressed the Jet player look and seem pretty much in shape starting camp without an offseason program.

    I had worried a lot of guys would have been fat or out of shape.

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    Great stuff! Thanks for posting!


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