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Thread: It would be one thing if Sanchez was not seeing open receivers

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    It would be one thing if Sanchez was not seeing open receivers

    Its simply not the case.

    There was absolutely NOWHERE to go with the ball last night.

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    coool story bro

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    We need a vertical threat to stretch the field, keep the safeties out of the box and open up the offense. Gives room to the run game, gives Keller space to find an opening, opens up everything.

    But that would be useless anyway if Sanchez didn't have time to throw.

    Therefore, what we really need first is a competent o-line. All these injuries are killing us.

    And now BT is done? Ugh. He set the edge really well. This could be a long season.

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    Sanchez was running for his life out there and by the end of the third quarter he was ducking and scared to DEATH!!!!

    And what is more frightening was that Sanchez was definitely doing the right thing, the Jets OL woud have gotten him killed if he stayed in there taking a beating it was AWFUL!!!!!

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    u at the game? u can't see open receiers on TV. lasat night..he had not time, but just sayin


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