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    From what I saw

    First let me say that the Jets should have easily beat the Dolphins who just aren't a good team right now. The Jets, however, should thank God that their QB wasn't that good because he missed some wide open receivers all night. Still it's a W and let's hope we can build on it.

    Opposing defenses are doing exactly what they did last year and that stacking the box and daring the Jets to throw the ball. Plaxico, I believe, is more than rusty he is slow off the line and doesn't seem to want to get open when Sanchez has extra time to throw the ball. Frankly if I were the Jets I would release him right now and end this experiment.

    I really like the kid Kerley. With his speed and routes he reminds me a little bit of Welker. As he gets more experience I think he could become a good target for Sanchez.

    Why the Jets try and run the ball up the middle is beyond me especially when there are so many players in the box. I believe Schotty's weakness is not making adjustments during the game and not being able to play chess against opposing coaches.

    The defense did well but let's not get carried away this is one of the worst teams in the NFL. Once again there were some missed tackles and overall on both sides of the ball in the trench this team just is not physical anymore.

    On offense who are opposing defenses afraid of ? Nobody and there lies the problem and the we are going to stop the run and dare you to pass play. If the Jets play other teams like they played the Dolphins they will be lucky to go 8-8. Right now this is just not a good football team nor a physical team as they search for an identity.

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    We should have been down 14-0 last night if Miami had anybody resembling a professional QB. God he was awful. I wonder if his OC told him there were other receivers not covered by Revis that he could throw to-----especially in the first half.
    If it takes our offense another quarter and a half to generate a first down next week, then we go 3-4.


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