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Thread: another game on schotty

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    another game on schotty

    to all of the schitty apologists, even you have got to get your eyes open by now about this clown. i will grant you that the jets did have a nice drive in the first quarter, although it needed to be capped with a td and certainly not with a missed kick. however, during that drive, the great schittenheimer chose to put d'brick in the slot on one play. what the heck is that all about? more than just a little too cute especially when they are going against the worst defense in the league, don't you think? and this has been a problem for the past 5 season. the guy just does not know how and when to call plays. how many times were the jets calling plays into the teeth of the defense? how many time did sanchez had to scramble because the pass protection broke down? can the jet receivers get open for once? can the jets come out in the second half and manage more than a string of 3 and outs?

    when so many players have breakdowns it's on the coaches. since schitty has been there the longest (except for sutton) he is the natural scapegoat. but he also hasn't done himself any favors by calling good games, game in and game out. there is no reason why this offense should be able to score more points.

    as for last nights game, the jets rose to the occassion and got trounced. now they have 3 days to prepare for the broncos. good luck.

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    Excellent analysis. My main concern about Schotty isn't the horrible play calling, but the fact that Sanchez seems to have regressed over the last year. Heck, its an OC job to develop the QB, not send him into a tail spin.


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