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    Does anyone know why there were plays last night where Pats receivers were not even guarded? What the **** was that?

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    Pats use multiple sets, when they go to "no-huddle", defenses are trying to recognize where their coverage's are. Brady found he could go no huddle with ease at the end of the first half (~80 yds in 71 seconds), then he exploited this in the second half- short passes and runs when the defense showed 7 or 8 pass cover guys, throwing longer when we had fewer db's on the field.

    This tactic should not have surprised Pettine and Rex as Bellicheat has used it all year. The confusion in our secondary was apparent especially on the OchoCinco 50 yd completion. Still What really killed us were Sanchez's two picks , the punt fumble and a terrible offense plan including 5 sacks ( read failure to stick to the ground and pound). F's across the board to coaching, and player effort.


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