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Thread: Oh Jesus !!

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    Oh Jesus !!

    Remember the jersey that you see in the picture above? Of course you do, because back in the summer we here at LBS made you aware that these bad boys existed. That’s right, Broncos fans have come up with the brilliant idea of customizing Tim Tebow jerseys by putting the name of the most important man in Tebow’s life on the back. As expected, the jerseys have drawn a mixed reaction from people who think it is disrespectful to the Christian faith and others who see it as humorous or a compliment.

    “Sports is one thing, and Jesus is another thing,” Traci Yown, a mom out Christmas shopping for her son, said according to KTVQ. “I like to have their names, their last names on the jerseys. I’m a Christian, but I mean I wouldn’t want people going around having Jesus on the back of their jerseys.”

    Not all Christians share Yown’s feelings on the matter, however. In fact, Rev. Marcus Buckley of the Riverside Baptist Church thinks people who have a problem with the name Jesus being printed on the back of a jersey must feel that it’s wrong to express their love for Jesus.

    “To me it just shows a cultural bias against Christ and Christianity,” Rev. Buckley said. “It’s not saying that he is Christ, it’s saying he’s trying to demonstrate and live that out and as Christians that’s what were supposed to do. You can pretty much believe whatever you want to in today’s society. But as soon as you begin taking a stand for Christ, then that’s not acceptable anymore.”

    There you have it: Two completely different opinions from people with similar religious beliefs. Whether you think Jesus jerseys or Tebowing are disrespectful or not, we can all agree that Tebow Nation has an interesting way of spreading the Christian faith.

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    would I go to hell if I put "Geebus" on the back of a number 6 Jets jersey?

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