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Thread: Im Disgusted

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    Im Disgusted

    And it's not so much the loss. It's the fact that this team has NO guts. They are completely ballless. They have absolutely no heart and just **** the bed against a terrible terrible team with a wonderboy QB who is waiting to be exposed.

    They should be ashamed and embarassed.

    BTW, Von Miller was just asked "Who are the team you guys want to be?" Von "We don't know yet"

    So basically, the jets lost to a team that A) has no identity and B) doesn't even know what they identity wants to be.
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    I knew the Jets were going to take a step back from last year, so it's not really that heartbreaking for me. Jets are not a good team, plain and simple.

    What bothers me is that Sanchez is playing like an idiot.


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