Good Article... I feel the same way I still riding with REX...
Is the Rex Ryan magic wearing off? I had a friend tell me that once the Jets start losing, fans will start turning on Rex and his brash talk will get old fast. I told him he may be right and I do believe we are starting to see that from fans, other teamsí players and especially on twitter.

Personally, Rexís brashness is probably the polar opposite of how I carry myself. Itís great to be confident but people mistake Rexís big talk for trash talk. Trash talk is putting other people down. I could be wrong, but he doesnít put ANYONE down. He talks up his guys, his ability and the New York Jets, ALL THE TIME. He does this to boost their confidence, but when does it start losing itís power?

Rex Stays True to Himself
The Jets have been to the playoffs and AFC Championship the last two years, clearly the best stretch in team history short of not winning the super bowl. Jets fans havenít experienced this duration of success since, well since a long time. Sure we have had flashes of big games but they were far and few in between the dismal years. So here comes a bold brash coach who wonít back down to anyone and everyone in Jets nation welcomes him with open arms UNTIL the Jets start losing.

Once the losing began, everyone is question Rexís approach and what I love about Rex is that he wonít change for anyone. He takes all the blame when his talking backfires and gives all the credit to his players when things go well. Thatís a guy I want to play for if I was a player. So why are Jets fans losing their minds? They want to find a scape goat and they want blood for the current state of the Jets with the major possibility of missing the playoffs.

ďThatís who I am,Ē Ryan said on a conference call. ďDo I regret it? No. Did it work out? Nope. It never worked out. Iím never going to say I regret anything that I believe in my heart, and Iíve always said from Day 1 Iím going to be true to myself. When I leave this job 10 or 15 years from now, Iím going to be true to myself. Maybe itís not the traditional way of doing things. But for me, this is who I am. I made the statements and Iíll stand by everything I said.Ē

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Iíve heard people say that the fact that the Jets may miss the playoffs is Rexís fault, Mark Sanchez must go, Brian Schottenheimer must go, Mike Tannenbaum is to blame because he didnít do enough, and the craziest thing: the Jets are crazy NOT to go after Peyton Manning.

JennyVrentas Rex Ryan says Peyton Manning is not a consideration for Jets: Ryan says Ďno wayí are Jets trying to replace Mark. 12/26/11 6:10 PM

Listen, the Jets have had a plan all along and one thing you must consider when your emotions are kicking in is that you must think long term. Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez must be in the Jets plan long term. Brian Schottenhimer could go and I think it wise to change up the offense to put a spark in Markís confidence by finding someone who can take him to the next level.

The one thing I never want to change is Rexís style. He needs to stay, as he puts it, true to himself. and that is being bold and loud. I donít want Rex to change, because once he does that then he loses his locker room. Right now the only people who seem to dislike the style are his critics, opponents and some Jets fans. Who cares!

You know that when, not if, but when Rex hoists the Lombardi Trophy, everyone will embrace his style once again. For this Jets fan, Iíll always be on his side. Do your thing Rex! J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!