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    UCONN at it again!!

    MSG in March is UConn territory.

    Here we go again. BE champs, NCAA champs...neither are far from reach. We have one of the most talented teams in the nation...but there was no stability for the better part of the second half. Now we're back with a full, healthy team, led by one of the best all time.

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    UConn flat out isn't a good team this year. Great - they have talent - but they are still a bad team. And then in the Big East tournament all they did was need OT to beat an average WVU team in what was pretty much a home crowd for them. Not impressive at all. My guess is they'll lose to Iowa State in the first round, but if they do manage to sneak out a win there, they'll get destroyed by Kentucky.

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    50,788 and done.

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    I think being shut out of the NCAA next year affected the recruiting class this year. Last years suprising win was great.


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