Jets summer Q&A with running back Joe McKnight

Frances Micklow/The Star-LedgerJoe McKnight doesn't want to regress and "waste space" on the Jets roster.
We'll start our Q&As this week with running back Joe McKnight, the 2010 fourth-round pick who found a niche last year as a kickoff returner. He hopes to take the next step to be a consistent contributor on offense, too, infamously claiming to bulk up on a McDonald's diet so he can be a more versatile back. As you'll see, he's a tough critic on himself.

What are your plans for the break between mini-camp and training camp?

Not too many plans. Iím going to stay out here and continue going to work out at TEST Sports Clubs (in Martinsville). Iím going to go to Jets West, and thatís probably it.

What are your personal goals for the season?

I haven't really thought about the season yet. Iím really thinking about right now, trying to have a good training camp and everything. I want to get that accomplished first before I can think about the season. I have some goals for training camp, for what I want to do. Just try to make as many plays as possible, just try to stay consistent the whole training camp.

You are entering your third year. Do you consider this a critical year for you?

Yeah, itís a big year. If it I donít get it this year, it will probably be it for me. Thatís how I think, Iím not saying (anything). Because itís, what, three years? After the first year, you should really have it down pat. I just have to wait and find out, see how it pans out.

What would prove you "get it"?

I think if I just keep getting better from last year and convert it over on special teams and offense. Just keep trying to make plays and keep being productive for the offense and for special teams. I donít want to take a step back and go back to year one, where I am just sitting on the sideline for eight games and just sitting there wasting space on the team.

What will be the biggest difference between the 2012 Jets and the 2011 Jets?

Coach (Tony) Sparano is holding us accountable for everything. With the offense, how we make plays, everything is up to us to go out there and make the play.