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Thread: My Latest Rap Battle

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    You left a C out of the thread title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brady's a catcher View Post
    You look European.

    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    Just curious...which one are you? I only got through about 4 minutes of it when I heard my wife coming. I had to shut it down quicker than pron. I couldn't even begin to explain that I was watching a couple of sports nerds rap against each other because it was recommended to me on the sports nerd site I MODERATE.

    I'd rather explain to her ass to mouth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Minkaveli View Post
    Columbia Missouri.

    And what do you expect for a battle? It's free entertainment.

    Quote Originally Posted by shakin318 View Post
    You left a C out of the thread title.

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    Your rap battle inspired me to look up Murdah Mook, Serius Jones, and Jin to watch their battles.


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