This is weird, anyone see his act or can find the video.

Future Super Bowl XXXV winning head coach Brian Billick also made an appearance, performing a routine known as the "spider monkey.

According to him, Billick, clad in a furry, thumb-less monkey
suit began to wave his arms in the air while screaming "Waa
wooo! Monkey, monkey, monkey! Waa wooo! Monkey, monkey, monkey!"
This continued for what seemed like an eternity, but was only
about twenty-five seconds. Needless to say, he was 'gonged' and
left the stage in shame. Judge Jamie Farr described the scene as
a train wreck you couldn't look away from because there was an
idiot dressed as a monkey screaming in front of it.

A young Billick was a contestant on the game show The Gong Show in 1980, where he performed his famous "Spider Monkey"routine."