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Thread: Train to the game

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    Train to the game

    Has anyone taken the train from NY Penn Station to the stadium and then back? Looking for feedback to see if it's worth trying for a night game.

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    I've done it for 1 and 4 OClock games.

    Getting there is a breeze, getting back can be dicey because everyone tends to pile out at once and NJ transit at Secaucus doesnt seem to be in sync with the shuttle from the stadium.

    After the home opener I just waited for a while after the game before I even bothered and made pretty good time home. Dont know about the late games...alot would have to do with if you are connecting with the LIRR at Penn...and the late night scheduling of whatever line you are on.

    If you are using the LIRR, remember to buy your ticket at the station machines as they dont sell them on the train.

    Good luck.


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    I've taken the train a few times. Going in is a breeze for the most part. It's coming back that feels like a poseidon adventure. After one game, NJT for whatever reason only opened two cars on the outbound train from the stadium. That was a fun ride. If you're coming in from LI, try to take a train on the main line. Gives you a better shot at catching a ride back from Penn Sta. in a reasonable amount of time.


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