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Thread: So let me try to get this straight.......

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    So let me try to get this straight.......

    We enter the season with a multitude of hamstring injuries
    We enter the season without viable back ups for skilled positions
    We enter the season endorsing a less than adequate tackle to protect Sanchize, endorse him starting, and then when after a game or two, ship him off only to replace him with an unproven replacement?
    We fail to protect our quarterback, leave him with zero running game, do not provide him with anyone who can catch the ball, and we expect him to succeed while he is getting tooled in the back field?
    We have a coach , who, at least in public, thinks he can fix everything, while he in reality fixes nothing(insert pass rush here, as well as inept offense)
    We have a general manager, aka accountant, who thinks he knows football. Doesn't appear he knows dittely squat.
    And, of course the icing on the cake, we have an owner who publically shares he is more interested in who wins the election then who wins NFL football games, specifically the team he spent millions on inherited dollars on, and frankly, doesn't much care his team was "embarassed" and cares less about the fans and psl holders who finance his stadium and his team.

    We, my friends, are in deep sh*t. And I really don't know what to do, as extensive as all this is, what to do to fix it. It is toooooooo comprehensive.

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    does woody johnson look like he cares?


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