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Thread: What must be done next...

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    What must be done next...

    Hard to believe we feel so schotty even though we are technically in first place in the division, but in all honesty our team is not going anywhere this season unless something happens. First and foremost, I think the smart thing this organization should do is come out and call out Sanchez. Now I know I will hear from some guys here that we can't because Sanchez is weak-minded and will take it badly...I say bullschott! My opinion is that his success in his first few seasons have allowed him to coast through last season and now onto this. He is absolutely not improving in any way since his rookie year. If Tannenbaum comes out and says "Well, our QB looks shaky in the pocket which leads to poor decisions and inaccurate passes; this is something we must improve on." What is wrong with that? Is it an inaccurate statement? Is Sanchez not last in the league in completion % and last among non rookies in rating? It is all true, and if Sanchez doesn't have the head and b*lls to come out and improve, he is not fit to be a starter in this league, and especially not a starter for a New York team.

    Now don't get me wrong, I loved when we drafted Sanchez and I have tried to defend him for 4 years now, but I have come to my wits end with him. I am questioning his love for the game and mental toughness overall. Go out and be honest, let it be known we aren't happy with his play, and let us see how he reacts.

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    I'll say this again and till the day I die, we all understand Mark has no weapons around him, granted. Trent Dilfer had no weapons around him in 2000 and look what happened. Sorry, that is no excuse for Sanchez and his repetitive mistakes. No excuse for his fumbling the ball away yet again deep inside SF territory with 1:23 to go in the first half last week on the way to making the game 7-3 instead of 10-0. And there is even less excuse for his lazy throw deep inside SF territory again at 10-0 which could have made it at least 10-3 or maybe even 10-7 if heaven forbid we score a TD, but instead he cannot get the ball over the defensive line and winds up being a pick, and we score nothing. Ridiculous.

    We have seen these type of High School mistakes over and over and over with Sanchez. I for one have seen enough, 4 years of Sanchez and his BS in press conferences saying he has to play better while never doing so, 4 years of stretches where we cannot buy a completed pass for quarters on end 4 years of inaccuracy, 4 years of ruining like a little girl the second the pressure is on, enough.

    We need to draft or sign a franchise QB. He is not presently on our roster.


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