4 DOWNSwith center Nick Mangold
A quarter of the way through the season, how do you assess the running game?
It hasnít been up to par. We've got to get better at it. Our focus is on the fundamentals and as we keep continuing along and focusing on the little things, things should start to go up.

Is it just an accumulation of the little things thatís been the issue or one glaring problem?
Itís a bunch of little things. If it was one big glaring issue you could easily fix that and move on. Itís a bunch of little things and we continue to work and weíll get it going.

Rex Ryan called you guys an underdog this week and it seems to be a unique perspective after being boastful and aiming for a Super Bowl. Has he preached that perspective with you?
We know that the Texans are a very difficult team and theyíre playing great ball on both sides of the ball so itís going to be a difficult test for us.

Is there anybody on the defensive side of the ball as good as J.J. Watt?
Heís playing pretty well. Itís tough to say. When you package that in with all the other guys, theyíre a good defense.

Thatís Mark Sanchezís accuracy percentage on downfield throws of at least 20 yards, 28th best out of 30 quarterbacks with at least eight such attempts, according to Pro Football Focus. Rex Ryan said that Sanchezís 49.2 completion percentage this season is as a result of Sanchez making more downfield throws. But itís not just the quantity of throws for the Jetsí QB, itís the quality. Sanchez has made 17 such passes and completed just five for 165 yards. Cam Newton has made 18 of these throws and completed 11 for 353 yards Ė he has a 63.6 completion percentage this year.