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Thread: Jets tried to trade for Schaub in 2006

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    Jets tried to trade for Schaub in 2006

    Very interesting article. Would have totally changed the course and direction of this organization the past few years. Would Schaub have worked out for us? Hard to say for sure. He's a pretty accurate passer that doesn't turn it over much. I don't know if I consider him elite, but he's very good and would have given us long-term stability at the position. Obviously, his resume is lacking in terms of playoff experience and success, but that seems likely to change this year if he stays healthy.

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    Yes very nice article - at least we were trying back then. We trade for Tebow and a RT who may not be on the roster next year this year. I knew we went after Turner, it was in the papers and on a couple of websites. We had really back luck that year in missing on players in free agency and the draft. We wanted Reggie Bush missed on him, we could have drafted Ngata and while we did have Jenkins they could have made a monster combo at the 4-3 positions.
    I know hindsight is always easy but we also could have had MJD and Greg Jennings.



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