Watched the game with a room full of Pats fans.
Observations from the other side
No one in the room felt Pats deserved to win that game & they all knew just how lucky they were to get that win!
Here's the bottom line.
You could go back & look at all the prior mistakes to say here is where we lost this game but there were two things that happened that kept us from a much deserved win.
Number 1- Hills drop! This was a Killer & most Pats fans felt that the way the Jets were moving the ball that it was a given if he catches that ball & Jets get another set of downs Jets go up 27-23.
Number 2- The 3rd down slant call! WTF did you sign Tebow for if in the 4th quarter, with the Pats D on their heels, hands on hips ball at the freaking 4 yard line with a chance to f*cking bury them, you put the ball in Sanchez hands there?
Forget everything games usually come down to 1 or 2 decisions or plays NOT made.
1 player & 1 coaching mistake killed us. On the other side the Pats made all the plays in both the tying drive & the winning drive.
Although this one really hurt, beat the Fins next week get to the bye, heal up & we get another chance at these cheating bastards in NY on Thanksgiving.
It could be another fight for 1st!
Don't give up , don't ever give up!
Go Jets!